Ajwoin tulsi pocket hand sanitizer – Essentials for your daily hygiene

Ajwoin tulsi pocket hand sanitizer – Essentials for your daily hygiene

Lidiya was keen in using masks during the pandemic days, yet she had an episode of recurring fever one month ago. She discussed this with her friend Daisy who is a nurse.  

“Maybe you didn’t sanitize properly, Lidiya. You could have done that. At least now onwards know its importance and carry a small sanitizer with you wherever you go. “This advice was eye opening for her. She went to the nearest medical shop and purchased a big sanitizer bottle which could hardly fit in her purse. 

 Some thoughts came to her mind. What if something small but useful is available as a sanitizer, which can fit into even pocket. It will be easy to carry and use. It will be more useful for all. Lidiya had deep thoughts in between using that sanitizer. She decided to opt for a pocket hand sanitizer the next time she is going to the medical shop.  


Sanitizers are convenient for daily use and are useful specially when there is no soap and water to wash your hands. They are 24-hour protection ensuring solutions which come with alcohol content also to rapidly and effectively destroy the microbes in the hand.  

WHO like global organizations have specified that your hand sanitizer should contain at least 60 percent of alcohol in it for best action. All around the world as the water content is less available for use, importance of water free sanitizers has increased manifold.   


Ayurvedic ingredients like Ajwoin called carom seed or Bishop’s weed is called Trachyspermmum ammi botanically. Ajwoin is also used in skin diseases and to improve digestive health in Ayurveda.  

Tulsi known as Ocimum sanctum or Holy basil is considered to be antimicrobial, antiseptic herb. Even researches found alcoholic extract to be more effective than simple leaf juice. Its constituents like alkaloids and steroids are present only in the alcoholic extract. So, Tulsi becomes a powerful ingredient for alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Its aroma also is pleasurable to your senses, right? 

Glycerol which provides smoothness to the skin without causing skin irritation is also one of the key ingredients in Ajwoin Tulsi pocket hand sanitizer.  


  • Helps to get safe hands naturally.  
  • Kills 99.9%of germs without water  
  • Contains more than  70 % of alcohol content  
  • Dermatologically tested and safe for use even in children  
  • Non –toxic, contains no artificial fragrances and free from parabens 


 Ajwoin tulsi pocket hand sanitizer gives round the clock instant protection against harmful germs.  This is a travel friendly, skin friendly easy to use form of sanitizer. You can carry it while using public transport, conferences and even after your toilet use.  

This pocket sanitizer has a non-sticky formula and mild natural aroma which adds fragrance to your hands and wardrobe too. As the Ajwoin Tulsi pocket hand sanitizer is a rinse free – body and palm disinfectant, it will prevent infections from reaching you easily. Ajwoin Tulsi pocket hand sanitizer comes in small size, light weight and so is easy to carry wherever you go. 

 You can even use this to play with your child and at the same to make your child disease free and hygienic. The attractive red package may make your child amused while having hands sanitized! 

 You can use this sanitizer before and after interaction with crowds, cleaning and having food. Forget the hygiene worries you have while struggling to remain in crowded places. Use this sanitizer to make you fresh always and be hassle free in life.  

Your Ajwoin Tulsi sanitizer is made with Ayurvedic herbal ingredients which makes it safe to use for longer periods. It can be used by your granny and grandchild alike due to its unique herbal formula. It also adds shine to your skin and moisturizes it effortlessly. Ajwoin Tulsi pocket hand sanitizer comes in convenient package and in a quantity of 20 ml.  


After applying few drops of  Ajwoin aloe hand Sanitizer on your palm, spread and rub it over the back of your hands and fingertips and allow it to dry. Take care not to wipe or rinse off the hand sanitizer before it gets dry.  

Bipha – a trusted name in the Ayurvedic medicinal industry has a legacy of more than 90 years. Maintaining proper hygiene has become one of the basic steps to get long lasting health and Bipha has incorporated this principle as base for Bipha essentials.  

Bipha essentials are presented with all the hygiene products and immunity boosters catering well the needs for the present pandemic situation also. When the society is well equipped with immunity, a healthy future of the world becomes a reality. Convenience and health are clubbed together in Bipha essentials for you. Be proactive, take one step ahead to remain healthy.  

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