Amazing Benefits of Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizers

Amazing Benefits of Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizers

Can you imagine a life where the only option available to clean your hands is to wash with soaps? What if you are in an emergency situation or an unknown place where there is no availability of soap and water? Would you prefer remaining untidy all day? Never. You will somehow invent some water and try to clean as far as you can. If you have a pretty safe and reliable option, what can be that? A hand sanitizer gel with herbal extracts and alcohol! Yes, this is possible, you can even carry it wherever you go and use it whenever you want. Ayurvedic hand sanitizers contain skin-nourishing ingredients like Aloe vera to prevent drying of the skin.  

Interesting facts about Ayurvedic hand sanitizers  

  • They eliminate germs up to 99.99 %. Such a high level of perfection indeed! 
  • They protect your skin. Herbal hand sanitizers especially the Ayurvedic ones like Neem papaya hand sanitizer provide a layer of extra protection for your skin making you immune to harmful microbes Such microbes can enter your body via the nose, mouth, skin, etc. if you are exposed to contaminated surfaces. 
  •  Using Ayurvedic Moringa and turmeric hand wash and Aloe vera multipurpose spray gives you an edge in cleansing your body and surroundings equally.  
  • They help faster protection of your hands than going after soaps and then water which is originally a tedious process.  
  • Sanitizers are easy to carry and convenient to use anytime, anywhere. Ayurvedic hand sanitizers are having goodness of medicinal herbs and gives soft, healthy skin naturally with regular use.  
  • Sweet fragrance of essential oils in Ayurvedic hand sanitizers makes it a memorable experience every time you use it. 
  • They are ideal for use in busy places like clinic and offices where you will try to remain hygienic but fail to do so actually due to rush and contacts with many people.   

In short, Ayurvedic hand sanitizers contain enzymes giving protection to your skin from invading germs. They also contain hydrating agents which keep your skin moisturized and supple.  

Simplest procedure for hand sanitization  

Apply the hand sanitizer on the palm on your hand. Rub hands together. Cover all surfaces until hands free and dry up to 20 seconds.  

Benefits of hand sanitizing  

As you know the general benefits already, let's see further some special facts here. Proper hand sanitizing at home and school makes your child remain healthy and it reduces occurrences of cough, cold like infections. You can improve health of your family members too by resorting to practices like disinfecting your hands using Turmeric and moringa hand wash and surroundings with Aloe vera multipurpose spray.  Do this daily and see how your surroundings remain clean, safe and presentable with the enchanting aromatic herbal presence all over!  

Do you know? 

As per latest research studies, herbal hand sanitizers lowered the microbial load after application and maximum 75% reduction in microbial load was observed. Cleansing along with disinfection has been proved to be most beneficial to prevent microbial diseases in community and households. You should prioritize a routine with washing and sanitizing hands frequently and with genuine awareness and interest in this process. Try to keep a track on how you are scheduling your daily hygiene routine. You can write it in sticky notes and paste in your room wall or doors so that you can remember and clean as per the schedule. This will also help you build discipline in personal care.   

Active compounds in common herbs used in Ayurvedic sanitizers 

Neem contains triterpenes and Azadirachtin whereas Ajwoin (Anethum graveolens) contains essential oils, phellandrene and limonene. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) contains terpenoids and essential oils whereas Aloe vera contains Aloin like constituents. These herbs are skin protective, antiseptic and antimicrobial in properties making the Ayurvedic hand sanitizers helpful for getting a glowing healthy skin.  

These active compounds are present in the herbal extracts used for making the Ayurvedic hand sanitizers. They also ensure the efficacy of hand sanitizers to be exponentially high always. Say for example, Tulsi itself has properties of being anti poisonous, antiseptic and good for skin and respiratory system. Tulsi also purifies the blood. Neem is skin friendly and reduces allergic reactions. Neem extracts also repels insects and other harmful microbes before entering your skin. You know, in Ancient India, Neem was considered to be a protecting goddess. Neem and Tulsi are even useful to consume internally and are part of many Ayurvedic formulations too. Ajwoin is a digestive herb making your skin fresh with its aromatic essential oil content. Aloe is a cooling soothing healing herb in all aspects which moisturizes your skin to the maximum possible levels. You can also trust Lime; the aromatic citrus essential oil is famous for its aroma and skin friendly Vitamin C content. These herbs are gifts of universe for you, make them a part of your hygiene care now itself!!  

Ayurvedic sanitizer range of Bipha essentials  

Bipha essentials have a magnificent range of hygiene and immunity boosting products ranging from hand sanitizers, hand washes. Hand sanitizers like Ajwoin Tulsi hand sanitizer, Neem papaya hand sanitizer, Aloe lime hand sanitizer are included among effective hand washes. Neem papaya gel is also another convenient form of usage which you can prefer Ajwoin Tulsi pocket sanitizer is for those who need to sanitize easily on the go. Easily sprayable and easy to carry, that’s what this pocket sanitizer reminds you as a matter of fact. 

In a Nut Shell  

Ayurvedic hand sanitizers of Bipha essentials ensures 99.9% Germ-free hands which gives complete on-the-go protection. It is a safe and effective formula of 70 % alcohol enriched with natural extracts that leaves your hands refreshed and protected. 

  • Hassle-free usage, anytime, anywhere! 
  • Safe for all skin types 
  • The non-sticky formula doesn't need a rinse. 
  • 70% alcohol content and gives you instant germ protection 
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus 
  • Comes in a convenient easy to use bottle.  

Why wait to embrace goodness of herbs to protect yourself and your dear ones? Stay hygienic, spread happiness.  


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