Benefits of Indian Gooseberry through Ayurveda

Benefits of Indian Gooseberry through Ayurveda

Indian gooseberries are regarded an Ayurvedic powerhouse for immunity and overall health. It is because of its high vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients that enhance blood circulation and nourish the body. The plant, which belonging to the Euphorbiaceous family, ripens in the Indian subcontinent's damp woods and hilly places in the autumn. 

In India, the tree that yields this extraordinary fruit is revered, and it is eaten with salt and chili powder, or cooked into pickles or sugared confectionery. While Amla is sour, when eaten raw, it leaves a sweet aftertaste. Surprisingly, this sour fruit lowers stomach acidity and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat gastric disorders, ulcers, heartburn, and acid reflux. 

This powerful plant was also used for centuries to lower fevers, strengthen the heart, regulate blood sugar, heal urinary tract infections, and improve vision. It's even been used to treat stress and relax people, thanks to its well-known advantages for the adrenal glands, which rely on Vitamin C for their health and function. 

To address these Kwath issues, ancient Ayurvedic gurus created Arishtams, which are fermented liquid dose forms. They are made up of self-generated natural alcohol. They comprise sweet ingredients like jaggery, natural sugar, grapes, and so forth. The active ingredients of the plants are carried by Arishtam in both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble forms. 

Health Benefits of Nellika (Indian gooseberry) 

  • Enhances Immunity 
  • Infections are fought and chest congestion is avoided  
  • It prevents constipation 
  • Purifies the blood in a natural way 
  • Aids in the Management of Chronic Conditions 
  • Enhances your vision 
  • Eases the pain 

Why Ayurveda for health? 

Ayurveda offers treatment alternatives for a number of common ailments, including food allergies, for which there are currently few treatments. It's vital to keep in mind, too, that an Ayurvedic diet isn't a quick fix that works without the patient's full participation.  

It's an interactive system that's both user-friendly and educational. It teaches self-sufficiency and responsibility to the patient. Ayurveda is not a diet for people who are looking for an excuse to continue hurting their bodies or thoughts. It's a system that promotes self-determination, independence, and long-term sustainability. Skin care and Ayurveda items related to Ayurveda assist the skin and hair become healthier and smoother.  

Indian Gooseberry Beauty Benefits 

Nellikka (Indian Gooseberry) is a well-known hair tonic that treats dandruff, stops hair loss, decreases greying, strengthens hair follicles, and improves blood flow to the scalp. Amla is frequently used to achieve lustrous and strong hair. 

Experience the difference by incorporating Nellikka (Indian Gooseberry) into your daily skincare routine. Amla not only provides skin a healthy glow, but it also keeps it nourished. Amla is also known for its anti-aging qualities, making it a superfood. 

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Arishtam is a remarkable chemical that aids digestion in a big way. This is important in Ayurvedic therapy since the Ama (digestive fire) is responsible for the body's optimal functioning and overall well-being. 

Arishtam is made out of alcohol and water. This combination makes it incredibly easy for the stomach and intestines to absorb. The supplement's distribution throughout the body is made easier by its ease of absorption.  

Arishtam vs. Kwath: What's the Difference? 

  • While Arishtam takes a few days to make, Kwath can be done in a single day. 
  • Arishtam, on the other hand, has a much longer life span. 
  • Arishtam tastes better than Kwathams. 
  • Because of the sweet flavor, diabetic people should be cautious when using Arishtams in high doses. 

Bipha Essentials offers Nellikarishtam, a tonic used in ancient India for holistic health, is comparable in its efficacy. The fundamental ingredient in this wellness tonic is the purest Indian gooseberries, or Nellika as it is known in the local tongue. The fact that these gooseberries from the Western Ghats are a powerful antioxidant and high source of Vitamin C makes it an excellent immune booster. It's perfect for everyday use. 

  • Improves immunity to infections and allergies. 
  • Antioxidant, appetite stimulant, and immunity booster.  

In this traditional herbal Indian composition for aiding digestion and the immune system, Nellikka (Indian Gooseberry) plays a part. As a diuretic, Nellikka is supposed to improve food absorption, balance stomach acids, strengthen the liver, and nourish the brain and mental performance. 

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