Monsoon Diseases and Prevention- Guide

Monsoon Diseases and Prevention- Guide

These days schools will have less attendance, do you know why? The answer is simple, rainy season and common monsoon diseases.  Can you imagine a day without sick leave when you were in high school in yester years? After getting drenched in the monsoon rains you might have often gotten common cold and fever. You might have used this reason to bunk the classes the next day! But, is it so much fun always? Surely, it is not.  

Monsoon is the season of strong winds and rain making you prone to microbial infections and contagious diseases. These diseases spread through contaminated air, water and insects like mosquitoes.   

Common Monsoon diseases   

Monsoon diseases which are contagious in nature affect us when our body and surroundings are not clean. In a way, we are inviting diseases to our courtyard when we are silently adopting unhygienic practices. It can be a diarrhea attack due to contaminated water exposure – cholera or a fever like Malaria due to Anopheles mosquito or dengue due to Aedes egypti mosquito. Symptoms can range from fever, head ache, diarrhea, joint pain to specific symptoms like retro orbital pain (pain behind the eyes) seen in rat fever (leptospirosis – caused by exposure to rat contaminated fluids). Chikungunya also comes in diseases caused due to mosquito bite. Among water borne diseases, jaundice and hepatitis are also included. You can infer that not only general body metabolism, but also, specific organs like liver can be targeted when these diseases occur; this can also become fatal if not given due importance.  

Ayurvedic opinion - communicable diseases  

Ayurveda classifies such diseases under Janapadodhwamsa vyadhi caused due to pollution of air, water, soil, land etc. and this fact is real for sure. Nowadays, you have often heard about environmental pollution and about efforts to make the world a sustainable green hub again. By adopting pure herbal products and practicing adequate hygiene measures, you can also abe a part of this noble effort.  

Hygiene care – the essentials  

You can start with hand washing and sanitizing. As per your condition and preference, you may select from Ayurvedic hand sanitizers like Aloe lime hand sanitizer, Neem papaya hand sanitizer etc. and Turmeric moringa hand wash to start with routine hygiene care.  For example, let's see how Aloe lime sanitizer does its work neatly. Aloe lime and Sanitizer ensures 99.9% Germ free hands which gives complete on-the-go protection. It is a safe and effective formula of 70 % alcohol enriched with natural extracts that leaves your hands refreshed and protected.  

  • 70% alcohol content and gives you instant germ protection 
  • Kills 99.9% bacteria and virus 
  • Comes in a convenient easy to carry pack that helps protect you. 
  • Non-sticky formula that doesn't need a rinse. 


Apply a few drops of Hand Sanitizer on your palm. Spread and rub over the back of your hands thoroughly and fingertips until completely dry. 

Bipha hand wash – the Turmeric moringa hand wash has 500 ml packing with brilliant colors and flavors of Ocean mist, Morning dew, Tangy orange, Juicy strawberry and Soothing lavender. Such a colorful feast of aromatic hand washes, right? 

For cleansing the home premises, Aloe lime multipurpose sanitizer spray can help you easily. This product can make your home and premises safe, hygienic and aromatic. Protect your premises from deadly infections, use Ayurvedic hygiene essentials always.  

First class monsoon hygiene tips  

  • Go for boiled water and drinks like Chukku kaapi . You can also have immunity boosting medicines like Chyawanaprasham and supplements like Aswagandha capsule etc. (as per your condition and nutrition requirements).  
  • Ayurvedic fermented medicines like Dasamoolarishtam also, can help to keep diseases at bay.  
  • Wear clean, dry clothes. If possible, iron them to prevent fungal growth. Get rid of mosquitoes in your surroundings. Never allow water to stagnate in your immediate premises.  
  • Never ignore symptoms like cold, cough etc. As this season is cool in nature, if you are having diseases like Asthma this season can again increase your complaints like wheezing. You can seek the help of Ayurveda capsules like Tulsi for this.  
  • Baths also should be done in warm water, especially in the early mornings. This will prevent the occurrence of joint pain in the body. You can also use body oils like Bala tailam , Dhanvantaram tailam to strengthen your joints and muscles. In children, oils like  Dashapushpam and Nalpamaradi can act as skin protective and nourishing.   
  • Last but not least, adequate rest and exercise should be given to your body and mind. Remember, an idle brain also invites diseases.  

In simple words, rain increases coldness in your body, keeps your body and attitude warm and comfortable.  

Bipha essentials – nurturing Ayurvedic care  

Ayurveda and hygiene are complimentary to each other. You can say, if you adopt Ayurvedic principles in your lifestyle, you ought to be hygienic automatically. Even the medicines, when taken internally, cleanse your body channels called Srotas . Externally, Ayurvedic hygienic products of Bipha essentials are 100 % pure, natural and free from synthetic additives and preservatives. You can trust the herbal care they assure. Rediscover authentic Ayurveda and modern innovations custom made for you.  


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