NELLIKKARISHTAM - For Easy digestion in summer

NELLIKKARISHTAM - For Easy digestion in summer

Summer, the exhaustive winds and strong sunrays, that is the picture coming to your mind, right? Are you having poor hunger or any related digestion troubles this summer? Feeling more heat outside, but less hunger inside?  Amla can be of help to you. Whether it's to boost your immunity or give you shining hair and skin, Amla is always ready to help you. Amla is also revered as elixir according to Ayurveda. Amla is the main ingredient in Ayurvedic health elixirs like Chyawanaprasham. In the recent era, maybe you have become a little more health conscious. That's a welcome approach to your wellness. Much appreciated indeed! 

More about Amla  

Amla or Emblica officinalis is a famous ayurvedic medicinal plant rich in vitamins A, C and polyphenols. It is also a natural blood purifier with carotenes helping to grow hair naturally. Amla or the Indian gooseberry is a multipurpose medicinal plant in all its sense. Check out some really useful amla recipes here.  

Some amla recipes only for you  

  • Homemade kadha can be made with basil leaves, honey, and raw amla. This instant health drink you can have once a day. 
  •  If you have a little bit of cough and cold problem, Chukku kaapi , the dry ginger coffee blend will also be there to help you. Make sure you have these wonderful herbal drinks while at home.  
  • You can mix amla juice with salt and pepper powder and take this before meals for better absorption and digestion in your body. You can also get the properties of amla as a natural laxative by consuming this yummy drink regularly.   
  • For digestion, this is fine. What about hair and skin care? Simple. Take amla powder, add it with hair packs like henna –indigo powder mix and apply according to the length of your hair. Keep it for half an hour and wash it off. Amla can increase the hair shine and black color easily.  
  • For a glowing skin, take Amla juice, drink one glass. Take 10 ml amla juice and mix it with Multani mitti and rose water and apply it as a face pack. Its soothing cooling healing effect combo will keep your skin youthful. Give this a try at least once in your weekend.  
  • For cooking also, Amla powder can be used to sprinkle in your dishes, the fibrous and nutritious essence of amla will be improving the taste of the food as well.  
  • One more yummy thing to eat for your kids – a little bit of salt and pepper with added amla pickle you can store in big jars at home. In Kerala, honey added amla is an all-time kid's favorite sweet snack.  

What to have with Amla?  

  • Amla gets along with buttermilk and sweet jaggery like substances. 
  • Light food, adequate sleep and yoga postures can get along with Amla intake. Be it any herb, a positive mindset improves the efficacy and action of it in your body.   

What not to have with Amla? 

  • Adding more sour, pungent, fermented substances like chilly and curd are not so good with Amla. Such combinations are called contradictory diet substances or Virudha Ahara in Ayurveda.  
  •  Heavy and junk food accompanied by a disordered lifestyle and a depressive mindset is not advisable to have. Just cheer up! 

Healing and nourishing – Nellikkarishtam  

Ayurvedic classical texts have numerous Amla containing multi herbal combinations as effective medicines and heath supplements. You know, Ayurveda advises you to include amla in your daily diet. Probably, the Indian version of an apple a day keeps the doctor away will be “an Amla a day keeps the doctor away.”!  

Ayurvedic giants like Bipha have incorporated the goodness of Amla in many medicines and supplements like Chayawanaprasham,  Nellikkarishtam etc. These are famous as immunity boosters and metabolism promoters. Whatever the season is, Ayurveda has guidance for you for every season. The ritucharya, seasonal regimen guides you on what to have in each season. 

Nellikkaristam in detail  

 Nellikkaristam is an ayurvedic immunity tonic made with Indian gooseberries carefully picked from the Western ghats. Nellikka as popularly known in Kerala, is famous for its antioxidant rejuvenated properties. Ideal vitamin C supplement for everyday use, that is nellikkaristam for you.  

Nellikkaristam comes with the goodness of Amla (Emblica officinalis), Syzygium aromaticum (clove), Saccharum officinarum (sugar). The free radicals in Amla give you youthful radiant skin, and helps in better weight management too.  An Ayurvedic immunity booster as well as appetite stimulator Nellikkkarishtam can be taken as 30 ml one hour prior to the meal once a day. For children, 15 ml diluted with an equal amount of water will be sufficient.  

In short, Nellikkarishtam is a traditional fermented formula wrapped with immense health benefits. Its sweet taste makes it dear to your little ones and adults alike. The fermented base makes it act quick and efficient equally.  

Efficient medicinal forms – Arishtas  

As per Ayurvedic classics, Arishtas are fermented liquid medicines added with sweet ingredients like grapes, sugar, jaggry etc. to improve the palatability and potency of the same. It has both alcohol soluble and fat-soluble active ingredients which makes it effective, especially in digestive metabolism in your body. Arishtas are easy to get absorbed and distributed to all parts of the body. It also has a better shelf ife compared to all other Ayurvedic medicinal forms.  

Arishta takes several days to get prepared and once prepared, it gets exponential increase in potency. Ayurvedic classic texts describe Nellikkristam as caring for skin, hair and capable of reducing respiratory issues, cleansing blood and overall, a super-duper health tonic for regular use.  

Nellikkarishtam prepared from Indian gooseberries taken straight from the nature and fermented to perfection makes a potent Ayurvedic health booster in all its sense. Bipha essentials are made to make you sure about preserving your health naturally and with ease.  

Ayurvedic supplements of Bipha are time-tested, natural, free from chemical preservatives and suitable for regular use with at most efficacy. Embrace ayurvedic care, embrace natural wellness. 

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