Sanitizing this Summer - The Correct Way

Sanitizing this Summer - The Correct Way

Summer is round the corner – with lots of heat, holidays for your kids and dust outside! Well, the summer season has one more thing to say to you – Clean your home and yourself, disease spreading can happen.  

Heard about flu, seasonal allergies. conjunctivitis etc.? They are more found in this season, right? In the pandemic era, you have heard everywhere in the media about hand washing and sanitizing. Are you doing hand washing and hand sanitizing in the proper way and using the appropriate products? What exactly does sanitizer and disinfectant do? Check all these interesting facts here, right now! 

Hand washing and hand sanitizing – guide  

Hand washing should be done when you are having visibly dirty hands, if it's normal looking, you can have a hand sanitizer for you.  

What should be done for hand washing?  

Take some soap and water, rinse well and do the hand washing for at least 15 to 30 seconds. You can have a super cool and easy Ayurvedic handwash like Turmeric moringa handwash with different flavors and colors to have better benefits.   

Hand washing - the procedure  

  • Wet hands with water.  
  • Apply enough handwash to cover all hand surfaces.  
  • Rub hands palm to palm.  
  • Rub the back of each hand with the palm of another hand with interlaced fingers. 
  •  Rub palm to palm also like this. Rub with back of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked. 
  •  Rub each thumb clasped in opposite hand using a rotatory movement.  
  • Rub tips of fingers in opposite palm in a circular motion. Rub each wrist with the opposite hand.  
  • Rinse opposite hands with water. Use elbow to turn off the tap.  
  • Dry thoroughly with a single-use towel. Ideally hand washing should last for 15 to 30 seconds.  

When you are in a situation where no soap or hand wash is available, or if you want to just achieve a germ-free hand, you can go for hand sanitizer.  

Dos for hand sanitizer 

  • Use hand sanitizer when complete washing of your hands is not necessary.  
  • The hand sanitizer should be safe, effective and contain at least 60 percent alcohol content in it.  
  • Coat your fingers and palm with the hand sanitizer, WHO recommends the amount to be the size of a coin. Rub thoroughly for 20 seconds.  
  •  Store and keep the hand sanitizer in a cool, dry place always.  

Don'ts for hand sanitizers  

  • In hot situations like being in a car, the efficacy reduces due to the evaporation of volatile ingredients in hand sanitizer. 
  • Keep the normal sanitizer out of reach of children. Mild hand sanitizers made especially for them like Masha and the bear Tulsi turmeric hand sanitizer are better to use. 
  • Don’t use too much or too little hand sanitizer.  
  • Never swallow it.  
  • Never touch fire producing substances after having hand sanitization.  
  • Never touch your eyes, nose or mouth after having your hands properly sanitized. 
  • Always refer to ingredients like percentage of ethyl alcohol and how to use instructions given in the sanitizer bottle. Don’t have a lazy attitude towards your personal hygiene. It's very important in protecting you and others also. 

There are many hand sanitizers available varying in prices and composition of ingredients. Choosing hand sanitizers of trusted brands is the safest way to ensure that you are getting enough intended protection and are germ free throughout the season.  

A sanitizer is named so as it is capable of reducing germs on surfaces to levels considered safe for public health (almost 99.99%). You also have to use cleansers and disinfectants to make your home and surroundings always clean, presentable and protected from infectious germs.  

Cleaning should make the surroundings and inner surfaces crystal clean, and the next step is disinfection. All the frequently touched surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, etc. should be routinely cleaned.  Disinfection destroys almost all infectious germs when used as the label directs on a surface. You also have to ventilate the space with outside air by opening doors and windows.   

Sanitization becomes essential in this era as you are travelling daily, meeting new people, dealing with lots of materials daily and what not. You can boost your internal immunity by consuming Ayurvedic supplements, yet you should remain protected from contagious diseases always. For this, proper sanitization is the only way.  

Bipha essentials and you  

Bipha essentials are equipped with a wide range of daily hygiene essentials made from organic ingredients which are safe, effective, and apt for disinfection and sanitization. Ajwoin tulsi hand sanitizer, Aloe lime hand sanitizer, neem papaya hand sanitizer, Turmeric moringa hand wash, etc. are some of them. Even pocket sanitizers are easy to carry, handle and use are part of bipha essentials. Hygiene is a necessary part of our daily routine and is essential for getting perfect health and disease resistance.  

Hand washes of Bipha essentials come under a wide range with names like ocean mist, morning dew, tangy orange, juicy strawberry and soothing Lavendar varieties of turmeric moringa hand wash. The ingredients include pure turmeric, moringa, aloe vera and vitamin E in it promotes moisturizing and soothing effects to the skin. Turmeric, a proven potent antioxidant, provides an allergy-free nature also for your hand wash. Moringa and aloe vera are also capable of anti-microbial action. Aloe vera gives your skin a more soft and supple nature protecting it nicely.  

Aloe lime multipurpose spray is also useful as an alcohol-based sanitizer spray to disinfect hard and soft surfaces. It neutralizes odor and leaves a refreshing smell instead. The enchanting fragrance of lime adds presentability to your inner surfaces of home naturally.    

This multi-purpose spray can be used to spray on the sofa, mattress, floors, toilet seat, kitchen sink, tables, doorknobs, keys, car handles, and wherever you want a sudden clean and safe handling. Spray for 15 to 20 seconds from a distance. Wait for it to evaporate, feel the soothing fragrance spreading in your room. As simple as that!! 

Let the clarity in your life begin from maintaining cleanliness.  

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