Top Ayurvedic Immunity Supplements in Winter

Top Ayurvedic Immunity Supplements in Winter

You may be busy in your life and your day-to-day activities. Yet you have to take care of yourself .  What is the need of taking special care of your immunity in this season ?  

As you know, in this pandemic era , you are constantly exposed to changing atmosphere ; even the water and air you are taking on a daily basis are  changing its properties.  Our  immune system is responding to  these changes . This system has  a mode of defence against microbes from the outside world and is so intelligent that it knows how to differentiate between your body cells and foreign bodies. Apart from daily hygiene care with Bipha hand sanitizers and hand washes , check out these tips too.  

Ways to boost your immune system naturally  

Include more colourful fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals  rich whole grains and cereals for increasing your immunity .  

Vitamins like A, C and D and minerals like Zinc, Potassium  are very important in promoting your natural immunity.  

See your appetite , defecation and sleep patterns decide how healthy your inner systems are . Be strong internally and externally by resorting to Surya namaskara  and exercise workouts with nourishing fruit juices in your diet.  

Ayurvedic tips for long lasting immunity  

  • Eat light foods with warming spices like  ginger ,cinnamon , pepper , turmeric .  
  • Use Ayurvedic rejuvenating herbal capsules of Turmeric, Amla , Aswagandha as daily herbs.  .  
  • You can do daily massage with oil and not only that , you can  have warm bath with water mixed with  essential oils like Rosemary, basil etc.   
  • You have to ensure adequate sleep at least 8  hours a day.  
  • Before going to bed , give rest to your mobile and concentrate on your sleep before sleeping . It was just  an add on tip !   

Ayurvedic advice on immunity care  

Ayurvedic philosophy says , help your body yourself by being accountable for your thoughts , words and deeds.  

Build your immunity treasure , your vitality Ojus . Look at this these important pieces of info . 

What to Have in Winter 

  • Add foods which are sweet , little bit salty  and nutrient rich  with milk products , honey and things of such a type of natural organic essence in it.  

 Lifestyle for winter 

  • Have oil massage and a  good exercise at least half an hour before that.
  • Use warm cosy clothes to wear in winter   

What Not to Have in Winter 

  • Too much  hot , spicy ,dry , cold  food ,  a bitter taste can also make your body rough again. Then say no to bitter dark chocolates too.  

Don’ts in winter lifestyle 

  • Avoid overeating and over sleeping  
  • A sedentary lifestyle is also not advisable even though you may feel to remain like a sloth these days !  
  • Keep yourself away  from excessive worry and tension in your life . Be confident in yourself. Rest of the things can be sorted out easily then .  

Ayurvedic  formulations for immunity  

Chyavanaprasha is an ancient Ayurvedic health tonic widely used as antioxidant energiser and immunity booster .  

The chief ingredient being Indian gooseberry is a treasure house of minerals and Vitamins like A and C. It is also called the elixir of life.   


Chyavanaprasha is the first historically documented Ayurvedic formulation that immensely benefits the immunity system and fights against common colds and other respiratory infections.  

Ingredients of Chyavanaprasha are  Indian gooseberry, honey, cows ghee, sesame oil, Dasamoola ( the ten potent Ayurvedic herbal roots ), matsyandika variety of sugar and herbs which can lift your immunity and vitality levels to higher levels wonderfully.  

Blood in draksha  

The natural immunity booster with handpicked Ayurvedic herbs and exotic spices matured on a base of Kali draksha,  black grapes. It is a proprietary recipe developed by founder Sri. Pappy Vaidya.  

Being a restorative and digestive supplement, Blood in draksha is suitable for physically active people like athletes, school-going children, pregnant ladies and elderly people alike. It can also be used after you get recovered from any sort of infection.  It is a unique formulation with all the essential micro minerals and nutrients. Blood in draksha is a comprehensive blend of Kali draksha ( Virus vinifera ),  Loha bhasma( ash of Iron ), Mandoora bhasma ( Ferrous oxide ) dates ( Phoenix dactylifera ) and exotic spices rich in polyphenols, antioxidants bio constituents and delicious nutrients that help in giving you vitality.   

Kali draksha the chief ingredient is highly refreshing and nutritious rich in iron and vitamin C. It helps to better absorb iron and increase haemoglobin levels in the blood. It also has vitamin K, vitamin A and flavonoids and relieves constipation, indigestion and helps treat kidney problems. Kharjoora the dates purifies the blood. It is rich in minerals, iron and vitamin C.  


Nellikkaristam is a powerhouse of antioxidants and has anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Source of dietary fibres, Triphala supports functions of digestion, circulation and respiratory systems in the body.  

Cinnamon in this formulation is antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and anti inflammatory in nature  Sandalwood is cooling, diuretic and antiseptic. Brahmi ( Bacopa monneiri ) in this formulation is a  memory-enhancing brain tonic for kids. Brahmi also reduces stress, anxiety-like symptoms. Arista, the herbal fermented formulations are proven appetisers and are mostly sought for getting rid of indigestion and other gastric complaints.  

Nellikkaristam is made from the Indian gooseberry. This ingredient makes this a supreme wellness tonic with the goodness of Amla picked up from the western ghats.  

Immunity care in a nut shell  

Immunity is nothing but the capability of human body resistance against diseases causing microorganisms. It is of two types. 

  • The one which attenuate the manifested disease  
  • The one which prevents the manifestation of disease  

Immunity depends upon the equilibrium state Thridoshas (vatha,pitha & Kapha ), Sapthadhathus (plasma,blood,muscle,fat,bone,bone marrow and reproductive fluid) , a good digestive fire ,  a sound sleep, healthy diet and a good exercise  

In order to acquire a good immunity, one should follow a healthy diet, a good sleep pattern and performing exercises or practicing yoga for maintaining a good physical and mental health  

Considering the above-mentioned facts in order to provide a good acquired immunity Bipha offers the following herbal formulations to ensuring a good mental health & body health that keeps you away from diseases and provide strength, health and longevity in a natural way.  

Immunity Enhancing Combinations  

Bipha here by offers a group of products that provide a good body immunity to fight against various disease causing organisms; which are in the form of Herbal supplements, Beverages, Tonics etc.  


  1.      Aswagandha  Capsule Promotes Healthy Mind & Body 
  • Pure and standardized Extract of Aswagandha Root(Withania somnifera  ) with rich source of antioxidants improves overall health. 
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol(stress hormone) level. Also reduces symptoms of depression.  
  • An adaptagenic  Ayurvedic herb that possess powerful antioxidant property  and enhance immunity by protecting against cellular damage  
  • Helps in improving mental fitness and strength in a natural way. 
  1.      Turmeric Capsule 

          A Natural antioxidant that supports a healthy Immune response  

  • Pure and standardized 95% Curcumin Extract is rich source of antioxidants, along with also possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and detoxifying properties  
  • Prevents recurrent infections by enhancing the immunity and also prevents the degenerative changes in the body  
  •  With also possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and detoxifying properties  
  • Prevents recurrent infections by enhancing the immunity and also prevents the degenerative changes in the body. 


  1. Blood In Draksha  
  • A haematinic, Restorative, Rejuvenative & Revitalising Elixir. 
  • A synergetic blend of Black raisins, Dates, Exotic spices and more than forty traditionally used Ayurvedic herbs rich in Polyphenols, Antioxidants and other bio constituents delivers requisite nutrients that help in bridging the nutritional gap  
  • Enhances the digestive power, improves the body defence mechanism, promote a healthy mental and body development and also improves the energy levels stamina in a natural way. 
  • Rich source Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, C, D, B12, Folic acid; so provides a 100% rectification of daily requirement of all vitamins which promote a healthy life in children. 
  • Rich source of bio minerals such as Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Proteins which are in a very easily assimilable form; helps meet the nutritional needs of growing stage and protect from malnutrition diseases. 
  • Chukku kaapi with goodness of dry ginger and Ayush kwath tablets catering the needs for immunity boosting is also good to go for this winter.  

Bipha essentials for you  

 Bipha essentials have been formulated with supplements and daily essentials for caring for your body and protecting from external microbes. Bipha essentials have a range of products that are free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives. They are cent per cent natural and time tested.  

Care your body with Bipha essentials effortlessly.  


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