Useful Hygiene Tips for Monsoon

Useful Hygiene Tips for Monsoon

The onset of monsoon will always be a refreshing and pleasing experience. When it showers down at the end of the scorching summer, we all welcome it with joy. But the experience is not the same after a fortnight. The total scenario changes and we start to encounter the dampness and wet smell of clothes, infections, and diseases. These factors make the monsoon memories worse. We hesitate to rush outside and enjoy the rain at its fullness. 

To get rid of these issues, it is important to maintain the hygiene of our house and surroundings, and personal hygiene as well. 

Tips for monsoon home care 

During the monsoons, there will be an unusual odour around your house and surroundings including the gardens, garages, balconies, etc. Monsoon's wetness favours the breeding of clusters of microbes, pests, mites, and mosquitoes. They are the main causative agents and carriers of most of the infections. This demands extra care in cleaning during the monsoon for the residence and surroundings. Moreover, a healthy home will be the abode of a healthy individual.  

To keep the monsoon hygiene , we can follow some simple habits such as 

 Care for cupboards and other furniture and storage units 

Use naphthalene balls or camphor balls cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, and other storage units to prevent moisture build-up. Keep a distance between walls and furniture to avoid moisture accumulation and transfer. Use anti-termite products on wooden furniture to avoid termite attacks. Keep moisture absorbers in shelves to counter the moisture accumulation. 

Carpets and mats 

Use non-slippery and high absorption door mats to keep the dirt away. Change the carpets and rags with those made of bamboo or cane. 

Water stagnation 

Don’t allow water stagnation in and around the house. Use chlorine solution, and bleaching agents for water purification. 

Daily house cleaning 

Use disinfectants liberally in your daily house cleaning. The kitchen and washrooms should be given special attention. They can be cleaned by steam sanitation so that cleaning and disinfection can be done simultaneously. Use air fresheners to keep the dampness and musty odour away. Move indoor plants to open areas like balcony as they build up the moisture and invites insects. Regularly check your balcony garden for insect attacks. 

Clothes and bed covers 

The clothes cannot be completely sundried every day during the monsoons, so they can be ironed and dried. This helps to prevent the mould infestations on them due to moisture. The bed cover and furniture covers should be changed once in a week. They also should be washed and dried properly. 

Door side racks 

Door side racks can be installed to keep wet umbrellas, rain coats. A similar rack can be used to keep the wet shoes also. 

Personal hygiene during the monsoon 

  Hygiene in daily routine 

  • Use disinfectant solutions in our bathing water. This protects you from millions of microbes that you get from outside. And thus, can prevent many of the diseases.  
  • Wash your face, hands, and legs thoroughly before entering the home when you reach home. Use only clean water to clean yourself. 
  • Get enough sleep for 7 to 8 hrs continuously. This enhances your immunity.  
  • Regular exercise is also recommended for good physical and mental health. It increases the metabolism and cardiac function. It boosts up the general body health and immunity. 

Healthy diet 

Enrich your food with Vit-C. It increases your immunity and protects you from seasonal infections such as viral fever, cold, allergic reactions, etc. Sprouts, fresh green leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits are some ideal sources of Vit-C. Drink only clean and boiled water during the monsoons, whether at home and outside.  Include food items rich in probiotics (beneficial gut flora) such as curd, yoghurt, buttermilk, homemade pickles, etc. They increase the digestive capacity and prevents the potential stomach infections. The street foods that are kept open and unhygienic will be the abode of many microbes. It will be better to avoid them during the monsoons especially. The fruits and vegetables bought from outside should be washed thoroughly before usage and vegetables should be consumed only after boiling in clean water.  

General preventive methods 

Take general preventive methods against seasonal diseases like taking precautions against mosquitoes by not allowing them to propagate and multiply in water bodies and using mosquito repellent creams, coils, sprays, etc. Keep away all possible allergens like smoke, dust, etc by using masks. Also keep allergy preventive medicines that are prescribed by your health expert readily available all the time. Always keep a safe distance from disease infected persons to protect ourself from infected aerosols. 

Hand hygiene 

Your skin under the nails is a perfect place for microbial accumulation. So regularly trim them and wash the nails properly always. Hand hygiene plays a major role in personal hygiene in monsoon as it is used to perform all our activities. We use them to consume our food, we use them for washing, cleaning, getting dressed up, etc. So as the first step of sanitization, we have to sanitize our hands before cleaning up all the other things. 

Hand sanitisers 

We can sanitise our hands using soap and water, hand wash and water or with a hand sanitiser as clean water will not be available all the time. But continuous use of low-quality hand sanitizer may cause side effects such as skin dryness, itching, skin flaking, eye irritations etc. 

Bipha ayurveda is helping you in that scenario by providing you with good quality hand sanitisers. We have a series of hand sanitisers such as; 

Bipha Aloe lime hand sanitiser  

It is a safe and effective formula with 70% alcohol content, ensuring 99.9% germ free hands. It is enriched with aloe leaf extracts so that it provides protection and refreshment. It is benefitted with hassle-free usage, anytime, anywhere. It is safe for all skin types. It is a non-sticky formulation, so it does not need any rinse. More-over, it comes in a convenient and easy to carry package.  

How to use 

Put a few drops of hand sanitizer on your palm and rub the palms together, rub over the back of each palm, rub between each finger, and rub on the fingertips until completely dry. 

Monsoon is the season of tremendous joy and happiness. To enjoy the happiness of the monsoon, we need to stay healthy and strong. For that, it's obvious to observe hygiene practices for your selves and your surroundings. Only a pair of hygienic hands can offer good cleaning of the surroundings. So, hand sanitization in monsoon gets prime importance. 

Bipha essentials provides you with a range of good and effective hand sanitizers. Make your hands clean. Then clean yourself and your surroundings. Have a healthy monsoon with Bipha essentials. 



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