Ways to boost your immune system and hand hygiene

Ways to boost your immune system and hand hygiene

If we let go of harmful bacteria and viruses without deterring them, they may spread even greater. So, appropriate hygiene must be our top priority as well as natural immunity boosting must be acquired.

The Natural immune system of a person’s body

The immune system means, it is a complex set of cells and proteins in the body that stand guard against external unhealthy germs and viruses. It is naturally contained in our body to withstand any type of incursion by any harmful microbes. It keeps track of germs and microbes that it had dealt with earlier.

The body’s immune system understands how to tackle the injurious microbes that it has already achieved in the past and it prevents those particles swiftly. This is the main role played by the immune system in our body.

 But if a new viral or bacterial infection occurs, then the antibodies along with other elements of the immune system don't know how to handle it.

Ways to prevent today’s contagious pathogens

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In today's world, stopping the spread of harmful microbes is only through following good hygiene and boosting natural immunity. Steps for achieving good hand hygiene since we touch almost every part of the face with our hands frequently; these are recommendations to maintain hand hygiene:

  • Repeated use of hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • Washing the hand with good handwash can be a good idea.
  • Dry hands thoroughly after washing
  • Use disposable gloves when going outside
  • Washing your face with face wash at regular intervals cleans your face from germs.

How can we boost up our natural immunity in an organic way?

Increasing natural immunity through Ayurveda is a very good idea and smart way. Ayurvedic immunity supplements from bipha essentials are best-in-class quality products designed to improve health and vitality.

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Those include:

These products are prepared from an old ayurvedic formulation that boosts the immune system and protects your body from illness-causing viruses and bacteria. Ayurvedic products from bipha give essential Tejas and Ojas to your body. The original ayurvedic products are free from artificial ingredients and essence.  

In these times, using hygiene products and boosting immunity is very much important. That also in an organic way without consuming artificial chemicals to improve your immunity level. 

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